Maybe Leila can figure out how to fix this.

You're just running away from life's problems.

You look great in this picture.

This is not theirs.

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Ask Julie to explain it.


Mr. and Mrs. Ikeda talked to Ken's teacher.

Bend your knees and look in front of you.

I'm glad I'm not her.


Santa is a used car salesman.

You know better than to do that kind of thing.

All three of them got in the limo.

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I'm studying to be an artist.


That way of talking is typical of him.

I'm waiting for a train.

I don't have classes.


How many meaningful sentences can Tatoeba contain?

He ran sheer into the wall.

Granville wants to eat lunch now.

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We play basketball together.

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I was the only one who survived.

The upper reaches of the river are very beautiful.

I've advertised my house in the newspaper.

Don't call that student a fool.

I blame no one but myself.

I cut up all but one of my credit cards.

I think you can handle it.

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I have been knocked unconscious on four separate occasions.

That's why Kamel quit.

I was a member of the soccer club when I was in junior high.

His lack of self-awareness was sublime. That could be either endearing or maddening.

The agenda has changed.

I'll save her.

You're not supposed to know that.

She's turning red.

Come down here and eat with us.

Hey, why don't you take a break?

He read the letter in front of everyone.

They know exactly what's going on.

My head is swimming.

That was the idea, wasn't it?

He got his position by presidential appointment.

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I can't leave Francis.

Well, did you have a good weekend?

Srinivasan felt in his pocket for his wallet.


They want me to join them.

What did Rhonda say this time?

We played the game in accordance with the new rules.

She might have met him yesterday.

You're confusing him.

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Today everyone regards education as a right for all.

Don't squeeze any more into the trunk.

What is it that you saw exactly?

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It is very rude of you to expect me to eat food that I do not want to.

There's a lot of work left to be done.

Treasure every encounter with others because you never know if you'll meet a person just once in your lifetime.

Aren't we friends?

The family moved from their native Germany to Chicago around the year 1830.

Red wine is not traditionally served with fish.

Science can't solve all of life's problems.


This kind of offer is not refused.

Alfred goes jogging almost every afternoon.

They met in high school.

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You should run for president.

This is five thousand yen in the Japanese Yen.

Avery started playing the piano when he was thirteen years old.

The grey goo engulfs everything.

I can't stand him any longer.


The required majority was not achieved by any of the candidates at the first ballot.

He doesn't do well because he doesn't make the most of his ability.

Can you take a look at this for me?

Marnix could use one of those, I think.

I've thought about you a lot.


All of the entries in this dictionary are transliterated.

Bill didn't want to blow his cover.

With both mind and body in their best condition, let's look forward to the newcomers' training camp.

Blend the blue paint with the yellow paint.

It was a profession of his own choosing.


I know it's not possible.

Do you really want to win?

We lost weight.

Laurence wrote down his new teacher's name so he wouldn't forget it.

It's bizarre.

We've probably blown a fuse.

The milk turned sour.

You've made your point.

We eat more processed food than natural food.

Man is not the enemy of man but through the medium of a false system of government.

I landed him a blow on the chin.

I can't stand the noise.

Some people are pretty scared.


What else do you know about Joseph?


I wouldn't have been able to do that without your help.

We translated the novel from Japanese to English.

Search the town that's on the map.

It's not us who did it.

That's not too bad.

I didn't sneak up on him.

Evan said he wasn't in pain.


With you here beside me I'm not afraid of anything. You're my fortress.

Climbing this mountain is very difficult.

A thief broke into the house to steal the money.

I lost my key about here.

He ran to catch up to his brother.

For once, Neville simply had nothing to say.

My grandfather taught me the good habit of squirreling away money for a rainy day.

Just don't make eye contact.

Does Ragnar regret what happened?

How many prefectures does Japan have?

I thought Stuart would be better at playing the flute than that.

That's enough of that.

You're not happy, are you?

There is no telling what may happen next.

Leo will wait.

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It would be better if you read more books.


She isn't good enough for him.

He is home on leave.

I got up and Herman did the same.

I think I heard a man's voice.

It is quite common now to meet with young people who do not know the Bible.

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Samir is a pretty hard guy to impress.

In spite of being insulted, he managed to keep his temper.

Did you really think that movie was funny?

There is no reason why in a society which has reached the general level of wealth which ours has attained the first kind of security should not be guaranteed to all without endangering general freedom. (...) there can be no doubt that some minimum of food, shelter and clothing, sufficient to preserve health and the capacity to work, can be assured to everybody.

It's very easy to sound natural in your own native language, and very easy to sound unnatural in your non-native language.


I wanted to let him go.

Would you like me to get you something from the supermarket?

This patient is refusing treatment.

I feel queasy.

Little by little our knowledge of English increases.


I'd like to study with you, but I can't.


Since when do you care about what I think?

I can't believe I finally managed to meet you.

It would be a shame to let all this food go to waste.

Our budget won't allow that luxury.

This car is a pile of rubbish.

He's a general practitioner.

I congratulated him on passing the entrance exam.

We need to buy a little time here.

She really wants to go.

You do not necessarily have to go there yourself.

What time do you walk the dog?

Gilles usually wears blue slippers around the house.

The employment policy is a failure.


The city of Boston has one of the best children's hospitals in the United States.


For three weeks, he ate nothing at all.


Kate made an apple pie.

All of this stationery is his.

We must register for the courses that we're going to take by tomorrow.


Prices are going to rise still further.

It was a gamble.

I've never tried.

I would not yield the chair.

It has been wonderful.

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We were so close.

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I'll have Fletcher help you.

She read all my books on her own.

Some brave passengers caught the pickpocket and turned him over to the police.

Don't let them see you.

She has a bad habit of talking a long time on the phone.

You should dream big.

Vincent left the office without even saying goodbye.

Sometimes I don't understand biology.

I met Patrice in Boston last week.

Tricia came back home covered in mud.

That's dry information.

A little breeze is blowing.

Someone has to tell Casey what happened to Barbara.